Today we’re releasing a huge update to Pixlr Express for Android. It’s a fully redesigned look with a new interface and icons — and a few big new features.

First up: new interface

You’ll notice right away that this app looks different than the previous version. Nice and clean with a…



Random Follower’s Gift: Celebrity Sim Dump #3!
Nicki Minaj & Justin Bieber— CC Lists Included

Don’t claim as your own, use them as a base to your creations, alter their facial features, or reupload them anywhere! THIS INCLUDES MY PREVIEW PICTURES. If you decide to use them in anything all I ask is to tag ‘simstaplease’ just so I can see what you guys use them for!

I apologize that these took a while, I went a little overboard taking pictures of them. I absolutely adore these two. I did not include Justin’s tattoos by prettyladybabies in the files but I linked you all to her download post on his CC list (and above) if you wish to put them on him. Nicki’s bodysuit by daluved1 is included but I credited her in the CC list as well.

*Keep in mind that I’m constantly tweaking my celebrity sims and they may be updated in the future. They’re separated by folders in the .rar for your convenience.

Lastly, thank you again for all the support, feedback, and love you all give me for the sims I make. It means so much to me. ♡

DOWNLOAD (.sim/.sims3pack)